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The Crazy Market And What To Do About It - Part 3

self care sunday Mar 27, 2021

A new listing hits the market - what do you do with your buyer clients? Whatever you just thought of, you'd probably do it as fast as possible in today's environment, right?

But what if moving too fast is making things harder? What if slowing down is the answer?

It's a counterintuitive thought that will make a ton of sense (and might cause you to sell more homes with less stress) when you watch this week's lesson...

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The Crazy Market And What To Do About It - Part 2

self care sunday Mar 20, 2021

Imagine an agent leading a thriving team that takes listings at above average commission, wins consistently in multiple offer situations, takes time off regularly and is free from stress about the “crazy market”. Sound like a unicorn?

This agent actually exists and I’m proud to count as a client and friend. She agreed to share her strategies for surviving the “crazy market” with you in today's lesson.

This one is a little longer than usual so treat it like a podcast, okay? You’re not going to want to miss a second...

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The Crazy Market And What To Do About It - Part 1

self care sunday Mar 13, 2021

This year was supposed to be chill, wasn't it? Instead, every time I ask an agent how things are going, I hear, "Good but OMG the market is crazy!"

Often, there's some real stress behind those words. So let's address it. If the extreme seller's market most of us are in drives you nuts, here's what you can do about it...

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These words scream amateur

self care sunday Mar 06, 2021

Multiple times each week, when I reach out to someone, I'm hit with a response that is a clear indication they can't handle their business.

This particular kind of response tells me they can't stay focused on a task and it tells me they often aren't truly present with their clients. I used to make the mistake of responding in the same way until my mentor got me straightened out.

Check out this week's lesson and make sure you aren't unintentionally broadcasting the wrong message...


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The secrets in your database


Have you ever been unsure about where to spend your advertising dollars?

Ever wondered if you’re spending your time and energy on the right leads and people in your database?

These are important questions, because naturally, you want to maximize your investment of all three.

So, what if I told you you didn’t have to pay a guru for the answers?

Well, you don’t.

Your database holds many secrets, including the answers to the questions above. Watch this week’s lesson and I'll show you how to find them for free.

PS. Did you see my article in Texas REALTOR Magazine?

PSS. It features my book which you can purchase here!

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These exact words win listings

self care sunday Feb 20, 2021

Before we get into the exact words to use that win listings...

Today only, every purchase of my book comes with a FREE bottle of weight loss pills I personally use that guarantee you’ll lose 10 pounds this week!

Okay, I’m sorry, that was mean. There are no magic weight loss pills and there aren’t any magic “exact words” to use in sales. 

But do you see where I’m going? Subject lines, like the one above that got you to read this post, are highly effective because we all want the easy solution, don’t we?

Despite the empty promises that are emailed to you daily, no one has ever found the magic words that work every time. But there is a simply way to become a powerful listing agent.

What I’m going to show you DOES NOT win the listing every time and you’ll have to be yourself on appointments as you use it. It’s a simple framework that sets you up to get better with each appointment.

So if you’re into that sort of...

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Ghosted by a prospect? Do this...

self care sunday Feb 12, 2021

Recently I was asked what to do when prospects who seemed like a sure thing, ghost you. Immediately I thought, "they're just not that into you." Remember that episode Sex and the City fans?

Kidding aside, there's a massive difference between how you should respond when gosted by a prospect and a date. Check out this week's video so you'll know just what to do the next time this happens to you... 

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When Deals Get Delayed

self care sunday Feb 06, 2021

Deals get delayed. It's just part of business; a stressful part for many people, especially when they're new or in a slump.

But these days it seems like everything gets delayed. Add in the extreme seller's market most agents are experiencing and stress levels seem elevated across the board.

We talked about this in coaching sessions recently. Watch this week's video and learn what you can do to offload some of the pressure...

Think bigger top producer,



PS. Speaking of delays, my book The Top Producer Life was released this week, so the only delay getting it in your hands is shipping time. And there's no delay at all if you prefer ebooks! Grab your copy today and please share the link with others in your office.

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How to move on from the energy of 2020

self care sunday Jan 29, 2021

It's the end of January and you've moved on from everything that happened in 2020, right? Not so fast...

For many people, the past is full of supporting evidence for limiting beliefs, especially past events that were negative or didn’t go exactly as planned.

So to make sure you don't look back this spring and wonder why you've gotten off track, here's how to make sure you're completely done with the energy of 2020 and don't unintentionally sabotage yourself...

Click here to get your copy of the journal prompts mentioned in the video.

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Letting go of goals

self care sunday Jan 22, 2021

I love talking about goals.

In fact, goals have been the topic of these vlogs all month.

But there comes a time when you have to let go of your goals.

Because if you don't, eventually it'll be the reason you don't hit them. Check out this week's message and I'll explain...

Think bigger,



PS. That's real fire and yes I'm going to encourage you to burn something of your own!


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