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How to summer like a top producer

self care sunday Jun 05, 2021

I love using summer as a verb. It sounds at once smart, sophisticated and snotty! 

So where will you summer this year? The beach, or mountains; maybe Disney World?

Wait, you don't plan on slogging it out for the next 90 days straight, do you?

Like everything else in business, successful people think differently about the summer.

Check out this week's message on how to "summer" like a top producer.

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How to keep your cool when the market goes crazy

self care sunday May 29, 2021

The market is crazy...I know, I know. 

And it’s not just the real estate market. Have you noticed? It seems like everything is in demand these days.

So we all have a choice: allow ourselves to be continually irritated and disturbed OR keep calm.

How to keep calm is the topic of this week's message. Check it out!

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Two Easy Ways To Raise Your Energy Level

self care sunday May 22, 2021
"You either brighten a room when you enter it or when you leave it."

I don't know who to credit for saying that but it couldn't be more true!

If you're interested in being the kind of person who brightens the room when you enter, then you'll need to get good at raising your energy level and thus improving your mood.

In today's video, I describe two easy techniques for doing just that...

Think bigger top producer,



PS. This is my all time favorite book on the subject of raising your energy. And if you want to get better at using your energy/mood in business, my book covers that in detail.

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Frustrated? This Is How to Let It Go

self care sunday May 15, 2021

The most common response I got from last week's message was, "I really need to let go of some things too!"

Letting go of frustrations, anger, impatience, and general resistance to life is something I've been working on for decades.

Recently I had a breakthrough. Here's what I've learned so far...

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Personal. Business.

self care sunday May 08, 2021

This week, I recorded a message that touches on business, but is mostly personal and I considered starting over. Then I thought it would be a better idea to stay open because, if there is anything you need to hear, I trust you are smart and the message will get through.

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Your best move when business is going well

self care sunday May 01, 2021

Picture this: You've been in coaching for a while and are flying past your goals with relative ease.

Your business isn't totally free of frustrations, but you've accomplished most of what you have always wanted professionally.

Now what?

One of my clients has found herself in this position. In a recent coaching session, we covered the #1 thing she must do to keep the good times rolling.

Want to know what I told her? Check out this week's message...

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How to find inspiration for your marketing

self care sunday Apr 24, 2021

When you have a listing to promote, creating a marketing message is pretty dang easy, isn't it?

Beyond that, many people struggle to find their own voice and express it through marketing.

I know this because it's one of the most common topics that comes up in coaching. You can also just look around and see a lack of original marketing inspiration everywhere.

But if you want to find your own voice, looking around at others probably isn't the best idea. Check out this week's message to see why and to learn a way to unlock your unique point of view.

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What to consider before joining a team

self care sunday Apr 17, 2021

One of the most common questions I get is if one should join a team or remain in practice as a solo agent. The agent asking often has a belief that life on a team is going to be leaps and bounds better.

Working on a team can in fact be more enjoyable for some, but it's often not, and that's because of the mistakes people commonly make before joining a team. Before you join a team or hire your next team member, check out this week's message.

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Old Hollywood and New Real Estate

self care sunday Apr 10, 2021

After 29 years in real estate, it's tempting for me to fall for marketing tactics used to sell us the latest "new thing". "New" is always fun and sexy. The problem with "new" is that fundamental methodologies are often discounted.

It's easy to see why. Fundamentals are old, rarely sexy and frankly, harder to sell. But eventually, top producers start to notice that there isn't anything new. They realize all of their power comes from tried and true fundamentals.

Said another way, top producers rarely allow themselves to get distracted by something new, if it comes at the expense of the basic things that made them successful in the first place.

Recently, I learned this again from an unexpected source, old Hollywood.

Check out this week's lesson inspired by Grace Kelly and Cary Grant...

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The Crazy Market And What To Do About It - Part 4

self care sunday Apr 02, 2021

What does a busy mom with an 8-week old child and a thriving real estate team do to keep it all going? That's what you'll learn in the final episode of our Surviving The Crazy Market series.

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