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I'm the guy self-employed people hire when they need to be motivated and inspired.

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This is all my dad's and Zig Ziglar's fault.

I've coached thousands of salespeople all over the United States and have shown them a formula that makes them really good at selling. In an industry where a whopping 75% of people fail in their first year, my students do things many feel are impossible.

By learning a simple and powerful formula, they gain control of their activity, time, and income. Newer agents have used the formula to avoid becoming a statistic and experienced agents have used it to get their life back! Each day they prove the formula works by consistently attracting new clients, effectively breaking the commission-to-commission cycle. They even regularly take listings with commissions between 7-10%!

I had no clue that a mysterious attraction to one of my dad's books that I could barely read when I was six years old was the beginning of all of this...

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Practical guidance and inspiration for self-employed professionals


"This book has profoundly transformed my leadership journey. It's a true map to success! While aimed at the self-employed, its lessons are universal.

Many books emphasize routines but ignore the critical need to address deep-seated mindsets and practices. Once I broke free of bad habits, I gained the clarity to reclaim my time and establish effective nightly and morning routines. It also guided me to confront resistance and reshape my mindset.

Jasen's Quarterly Planner and Journal provide practical tools to implement these changes. If you're serious about escaping the grind and finding freedom, this book is your guide."

Jamie Matusek
CEO, Bloom Communications


“This book is a must read.  Becoming a 'Top Producer' always sounds good, but Jasen breaks down what that means for you as an individual and how to overcome the roadblocks that you may not even know are holding you back.  I would make a bet that aspiring to build the real estate career of your dreams rings true no matter if you are a new agent or have been in the business a long time. If that is you, this book will not disappoint!”  

Emily Chenevert
CEO, Austin Board of REALTORS


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Get my acclaimed Sunday morning inspirational messages, written to encourage self-employed professionals like you!