Hi. I'm Jasen Edwards.

I'm a sales expert, performance coach and motivational speaker and I currently serve as the chair of the AgentAdvice.com Agent Editorial Board. I've spent my entire adult life working in the real estate industry and have become known as "the guy to hire when you need to motivate and inspire". I coach real estate salespeople to develop a positive and powerful mindset, believe in themselves and I make them exceptionally good at selling.

People come to me looking for a way to fulfill the vision that was in their head when they first got their license. Pretty quickly they learn to control their activities, their mindset and their income. They learn that sales is an art-form which can be mastered and they eliminate any and all fear around being seen as a "salesperson". Because of that, they develop pride in their skills and use them to serve from the heart.


My clients do the "impossible".

My clients do things many people feel are impossible. They build stable sales practices with consistent commission income while having plenty of time away from work to enjoy their life. They take listings at above average commissions; I'm talking 7-10%! They pay off every penny of debt, begin investing in their own real estate and they become super-persuasive in all areas of their life. Sometimes they even end up on the cover of a national magazine!

Here's how this happened.

When I was a kid, I thought I wanted to be a pilot! I finished high school early and to keep me from getting into trouble, my parents and teachers arranged for me to have a job at the Texas Association of Realtors. No one else in my family had ever been in real estate and this is where my education really began. Everyone around me at the time encouraged me to get my license when I turned 18. So I did and then spent the first 18 months of my career failing! I earned a whopping $6,000 in the first year and a half.

I gave up. Then a mentor stepped up.

At that point I gave up and took a job at a record store in the mall called Camelot Music and because the mall was brand new, there were two weeks before the stores opened and I was to report for work. These were the two most pivotal weeks of my career because they provided the space for fate to intervene.  My broker insisted I attend a kick-off event for a three-month training program the firm was hosting. This was a no-brainer because there would be food! I quickly learned you can go broke in real estate but you will never go hungry - there is food everywhere! At the event, I learned the full course cost nearly $1,000 which I did not have and could not scrape together. So my broker, who believed in me more than I believed in myself, stepped up at the last minute and lent me the tuition.

Finally, I was taught how to sell.

I was instructed to do every single thing the trainer told me to do, no matter how uncomfortable it made me feel. I had nothing to lose; it was this or the record store and my ego was on the line. I wanted to prove to the world that I could succeed without a college degree. Plus, I'd taken the broker's money so I put my head down and worked my butt off. The course was called Sweathogs and it triggered a dramatic turnaround in my career.  I went from earning $6,000 in a year and a half to $60,000 in 90 days - and I wasn't even old enough to drink (legally)! I went on to consistently be ranked at the top listing agent in my company. In my day, I was the youngest person ever listed on the Austin Business Journal Top 50 agents list and was featured on the cover of REALTOR Magazine for the “30 Under 30” issue.

Wait. Making people good at selling is what I really love!

Thirteen years later, I realized my passion wasn't necessarily real estate, it was sales! I went back to the training company that helped me turn it all around and learned to be a speaker and a coach. I flew around the county for over a decade training Realtors and earned the rank of Master Trainer from industry legend Floyd Wickman. Later, I became one of the most sought after speakers for Keller Williams Realty's MAPS Coaching division before accepting the challenge to build an entire training platform for the largest independent brokerage in central Texas. A 2017 study of 73 of my students showed they increased their commission income by a collective $1,035,000 in just one year!

Looking back, it makes perfect sense.

As it turns out, the mysterious childhood attraction to my dad's book, See You At The Top  by Zig Ziglar (which I still have!) was prophetic. While I was growing up my sales and speaking coach, Floyd Wickman, was being personally mentored by Zig. Mr. Wickman in turn mentored me. He taught me to master sales, speaking and coaching and also introduced me to the work of Napoleon Hill; specifically requiring I study the book Think and Grow Rich. It wasn't long after that I learned of Dr. Wayne Dyer who became my next mentor. Dr. Dyer gave me a world-class education on deliberately creating a success based mindset and showed me how to use the law of attraction to manifest the life I desire. All of these men had one thing in common: they had to get good at selling before they were able to help others through personal development on any meaningful scale. So, this unique combination of mentors has formed the foundation of what I have come to know as my professional purpose: pass on this lineage of knowledge to the next generation by showing them the path to mastery of sales and of self.


I love the beach, working out and sparkling wine! I am a tennis and music fan and will talk your ear off about both Serena Williams and Madonna. I read every self help book I can get my hands on and when not working, spend as much time as possible with my partner Jon and our dogs Chug and Hugo.

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