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Good Selling Formula™

When you get good at selling, business becomes really fun and you will move through your life with an ability to manifest your desires that others view as magical. I created the Good Selling Formula™ so that everyone could have access to world-class training that makes them truly great salespeople. This coaching program opens again in January 2020 with a series of FREE workshops. Tap the button below and get on the notification list so you don't miss it!


Workshops & Speaking

Long before I launched an online coaching practice, I logged over a million miles of air travel to speak at live events. My current topics can be delivered as either a keynote address or a half-day workshop.

Mindset, Methodology & Media

Real estate salespeople have always been bombarded with advertising promoting marketing services and/or technologies that promise to make their lives easy and produce leads that fall into their laps. These days it's only gotten more intense and more confusing. While only about 10% of agents truly thrive, the rest of the industry scrambles for the next commission. This workshop helps agents get back into alignment with what really matters and with what will truly keep them on-track. Attendees leave the workshop with a framework for three things: a successful mindset, a proven sales methodology to implement and clarity on how to use any media or technology for effective lead generation.

Protecting Your Commission

What if I told you that you can take listings on million dollar properties for 10% commission; would you believe me? At best you are probably skeptically curious. While the majority of the industry often enthusiastically lowers their fee because they have no idea how to compete except on price, my students regularly negotiate higher commissions. Most of them didn't believe it either until they mustered up the courage to apply the material in this workshop.



Private Coaching

My view on coaching is unique. I'm not the guy to "hold you accountable". In fact, I believe anyone who feels they need to be held accountable lacks clarity about why they're in real estate. If you're ready for the challenge, high-level private coaching can help you discover why you're in this business in the first place. Once that is clear, it provides the space necessary to do the deep work required for mastery of sales and mastery of self. Think you're ready for personal help? Start by taking the coaching assessment.


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