Why you should stop role playing scripts

self care sunday Dec 11, 2020

Have you ever been asked to role play your sales scripts? Yeah, me too. But outside the classroom environment, I rarely did so.

In fact, while my colleagues sat around and practiced their lines, I did something else that rapidly improved my sales skills and eventually made me a consistent top producer.

Then, on a daily basis people began asking me "what do you say when questions". Even though I didn't practice my scripts, I was the guy in my company who was known to have all the right words for every situation with clients and prospects.

What's funny is those agents thought my answers were scripts when they were something else entirely. This week I discovered a new way to show you how to do what worked so well. Check out the vlog and you'll never again have to waste time practicing scripts!

Happy holidays and let's go think bigger this week,


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