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5 Tips For Agents Born After 9/11/2001

inspiration Sep 11, 2020

Dear 18-year old agent,

I remember the day I got the results of my real estate license exam in the mail. It was just a few weeks after I’d turned 18 and as I slid the single piece of paper out of the envelope from the Texas Real Estate Commission, it said simply “PASS”. I was looking out from my third floor apartment balcony and felt like I was literally on the top of the world. After working at the Texas Association of Realtors throughout high school, I was convinced that I would soon become just as rich as I assumed all the Realtors around me were.

Now that I’m 45, with full knowledge of what it really takes to make it in this business, I envy the hopeful, newbie energy you no doubt have. I encourage you to hold onto that excitement and hopefulness as long as possible. We can never be certain about the future except to know that challenges and adversity will come.

This morning I realized that the September 11th attacks on the United States happened 19 years...

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15 things to do in a market shift

inspiration Mar 12, 2020

Yesterday I was asked if we are looking at the start of the next buyer’s market in real estate. My answer was “if I knew the answer to questions like that, I’d be too busy flying around on my jet to care!”. Even though I aggressively avoid the news media, I was aware of coronavirus and the stock market decline.

But after I got the question I decided to turn on a few news channels to see for myself. I could barely make it fifteen minutes without noticing my mood sinking and thankfully, that was all I needed to see. It doesn’t take long to get the gist of what’s happening in the world so I turned it off and immediately starting listening to Wayne Dyer audios to help shift my focus back to a positive space.

Seriously, negative news is so damn addictive, isn’t it?! I’m definitely not immune to being sucked in, so I’ve trained myself to disconnect when I feel my mood shift. It was Dr. Dyer who taught me that we can’t...

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How to be a detail oriented person

inspiration Feb 14, 2020

Happy Valentine’s Day 2020! Walking around Santa Barbara is like being in a floral shop. Birds of Paradise grow abundantly in the weeds. I know just enough about photography to be certain of two things: I love it and I have an enormous amount to learn.

When I took the shots below, I wasn’t thinking of posting them on Instagram or anywhere else today. In fact, I was on a totally different mission. I was doing an exercise to strengthen my coaching skills. The goal was to walk around and consciously look for detail in my environment I wouldn’t normally notice and I chose  to do that in the park. There are lush flower gardens everywhere you turn in this town and in fewer than six months, I’ve already become desensitized to the stunning beauty. I wanted to slow down and really see the detail around me.

Here’s why:

To serve at a high level, a coach must be able to see detail others do not. In coaching, when that happens...

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