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First Life Prunes You, Then You Bloom

self care sunday wiltw Jan 19, 2020

"Hey Jasen! How's California?"

I've been getting that question a lot lately and the answer is FANTASTIC! I love living in California!

found a charming house that is in a quiet part of downtown, near the historic Mission, and 5 minutes from the beach. The food from the farmer's market is incredible and I've found renewed inspiration for my career that I doubt I'd have found if I stayed in Austin.

But truth be told, the last four years haven't been easy. When I walked into Mission Park with Chug earlier this week, I saw something I didn't expect and felt inspired to record a video about some of the challenges I've faced

I almost didn't send it because, well, who doesn't have challenges?!  But then there was the voice of the renewed inspiration saying, "the world needs fewer coaches acting like a celebrity while pretending they've got...

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Sleep and why my Thursday coaching sessions were nuts

self care sunday wiltw Jan 12, 2020

It's been several years since I traveled to multiple cities each week to speak to salespeople and one thing I'm really looking forward to is getting back on the road in 2020. 

I won't be going to a different city every day but thanks to a book recommendation by Bill Gates, I now know why in the past, my Thursday sessions were nuts.

In fact, what I learned this week, when added to last week, stacks up to some powerful ammunition for the self-employed person to gain positive control of their health, career and start living their best life. That's what 2020 is about, right? Okay play!

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Sales Coaching is Life Coaching

self care sunday wiltw Jan 05, 2020

Almost immediately when I began work as a sales coach, I learned that working with self-employed business owners required me to be prepared to discuss much more than sales.

That's because on a daily basis being self-employed and selling your services exposes you to rejection and brings to the surface fears that are typically shielded by an employer.

So I had to plunge deep into growth mode and stay there if I intended to serve as a coach on a high level. I learned it was a requirement of my profession to constantly seek out new things to learn on a broad range of topics and work to connect the dots in fresh ways. And long before life coaching was a common thing, I was doing exactly that.

That's why I'm shifting the focus of these Sunday videos. We're going to transform together and go WAY BEYOND sales.

 Watch the video and I'll explain...

PS. Here's...

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