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self care sunday Dec 15, 2019

I can still remember a brief discussion with my coach from over 20 years ago that has a strong positive impact to this day.

I was nervous about business slowing down in December and worried the loss of momentum over the holiday season would be too hard to overcome. These were the earlier days of building my real estate practice (long before I became a coach myself) and I hadn't yet learned there was plenty of business year round.

I really thought I'd have to figure out how to survive until the "spring market". My coach said, "Why are you worried about spring? Just book January."

And in his trademark style, that was the end of it. He expected me to think about what he just said and apply it to the skills he'd already taught me.

So I created a plan of action to book January. But I had no clue it would be what triggered the capturing of over 90% market share in my area of specialty the next year and cause my business overall to triple!

You can learn what I did in five minutesClick to watch the videocopy what I did then call in the spring and we'll work on making sure all this new growth isn't taking over your whole life! 


PS. You don't have to be in real estate to get the point of the exercise. I'd love to hear how some of you in other industries tweak the lesson to fit your world. Who do you know who is also self-employed could be looking for coaching next year? Please connect me to them by clicking here.

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