Do you establish boundaries with clients?

self care sunday Jul 06, 2019

My brother's first child is starting kindergarten this year and he told me they bought all the school supplies the other day! I was like: wait, summer just started!

Then I was asked on the blog for help establishing boundaries. When I spoke to the agent who posted the question, I learned she was feeling pushed around by her clients and the generally scattered, busy nature of summer.

By the end of my coaching calls this week, it felt like everyone was running around trying to do as much business as possible while managing the kids and trying to squeeze in some fun to boot. In other words, people I spoke with were feeling stressed because boundaries were being crossed all over the place.

Some people will tell you they have standards; others will say they have boundaries. From a coach's point of view, what you call them is far less important than deliberately thinking about them.

You didn't get into real estate to be pushed around.

Running all over like a chicken with its head cut off has never been what you envision when you think about controlling your own schedule.

On some level, you know being available 24/7 is not the way to deliver world-class customer service.

So, I recorded a video for those times when you feel like life is pushing you around.

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