Your Business Uses Macros Just Like Your Body

self care sunday Oct 12, 2019

These days my diet consists of 40% protein, 35% fat and 25% carbs. And although there are wonderful health benefits that come with that formula, I'll just be honest and tell you I mostly want to look good naked! hahaha! That's the real reason anyone diets and exercises, right?!  Anyway those numbers can vary slightly on a daily basis, but as long as over the course of a week I hit the percentages, I'll get the result I want.

For a long time I've sensed the same dynamic happening in business. If properly set nutrition macros make our body look good, property set business macros make our bank account look good! So, I finally sat down and named these business macros I've been conceptualizing and can't wait to hear what you think! Let me know in the comments!

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