The Buyer Love Letter [with Recent Examples!]

self care sunday Jun 08, 2019

Picture this: You spend all day working with a buyer and just when you decide you've got the pickiest clients ever, they walk into a home and quickly give you that look. You know, the "this is the one, write it up" look!

So you pile in the car and head back to the office. On the way back you call the listing agent and tell her you'll be writing up an offer. Her response: Fantastic, we already have two and another one on the way. Yours will be number four. 

Well, crap. Now you have to break this news to your client and help them structure an offer that gives them a fighting chance.

There are many tactics you could recommend at this point and one that I often see overlooked is the buyer love letter. Although after this week's lesson, you may not want to overlook it anymore.

That's because recently in Austin, TX (one of the strongest seller's markets in the country) this strategy was the primary reason a buyer got her offer accepted, even though the seller had another that was $35,000 higher! No joke! Never underestimate the power of an emotional connection.

In the same week, another buyer used the same strategy incorrectly and it caused them to lose the home immediately. After the seller read this letter, the offer was declined and the seller turned to another without even considering sending a counteroffer.

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