Benefit Of Turning Down Business

self care sunday Jun 29, 2019

The first time you turn down business is simultaneously terrifying and empowering.

Terrifying because as entrepreneurs, we instinctively understand that generating leads is our primary job. We see evidence all around us of agents who suffer from a  lack of consistent leads and walking away from even one can seem downright reckless.

Empowering because once our business is steady and consistent, we know we've reached the point where we're ready to choose. Choose the kind of clientwe want. Choose the area we desire to serve. Choose the type of housing we enjoy selling. Choose to focus so we succeed at a higher level.

I imagine some of you reading this are thinking: NO WAY! I'd never turn down a good lead. That would be okay because you have to reach a certain level of consistency before even considering passing up any lead.

Others are probably thinking: I totally remember my first time!

So, in whichever group you fall, today's lesson will inspire you. Sometimes, even experienced, high producing agents need reassurance that it's okay to choose for themselves. This is how I helped just such an agent hold her own power...

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