Community: Our Secret Weapon For 2020

self care sunday Nov 16, 2019

Working out has always been an important part of my life and the gym is where I first learned about the power of communities.

Long before cross fit was a thing, I found myself building strong connections with my gym-friends and I eventually began helping them buy and sell their homes. For a long time I was THE Realtor in my gym. I'm sure other agents worked out there but you wouldn't know it because they didn't integrate with the rest of us and thus weren't a part of the community.

These days, it's common place for fitness businesses like cross fit gyms to have strong communities, but when I was a young man at the start of my career, we weren't deliberate about "community building". It just happened naturally. If you had sincere interest in fitness, a bit of curiosity about your fellow gym members and a little sales training, you could do really well for yourself. A person like me was simply called a "good networker".

Now Taylor Swift has Swifties,  Lady Gaga has Little Monsters and everyone seems to be talking about their tribe. No doubt communities are BIG and if you put some thought into it, they can be your competitive advantage. In the video this week, I talk about creating or leading communities and maximizing your results from communities of which you're already a member. 

Watch the video then drop in a comment below. What aha moments did you have?

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