What If Facebook And Google Deleted You?

self care sunday Jul 13, 2019

What if one day you woke to discover your website was removed from Google's search index or, that your Instagram or Facebook page was taken down

What would you do?

I know a Realtor who lost her Facebook business page because someone stole her identity and used it to spread hate speech throughout Facebook. All accounts with her identity, real and fake, were removed.

Have you heard of shadow banning? That's where it looks like your account is operating normally but you've been rendered invisible to most other people because you've broken a rule.

This happened to me recently when I used too many hashtags on my Instagram posts. Instagram allows a maximum of 30 hashtags, but apparently the rules are such that if you always use 30 and they are remotely similar, your posts will be banned from showing up on any hashtags feeds.

That meant while I was shadow banned, if I wanted people to find me with #realestate, I was out of luck because my post wouldn't show up. Think of it as being grounded on social media. (I've been ungrounded btw 🙄)

This can be maddening because the rules change and they aren't clearly posted anywhere. You can break a rule without even knowing it

Real estate agents are sold on a daily basis that they need to spend huge amounts of time and money building their followers on social media. It sounds like such a great idea...until you get grounded. Or worse, deleted.

So, what would you do if you woke up and were deleted from social media or if your website and blog suddenly disappeared from Google search? 

My coach gave me the answer and he's been preaching it for years. I thought it was time to share it with you...

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