How to stay focused when under pressure from demanding clients

self care sunday Jun 13, 2020

"A good agent is an available agent."

How would you feel if a client said that to you? While technically a true statement, it’s easy to imagine it being said with a judgmental tone; and it’s exactly what was said to one of my coaching clients. The implication is that a good agent is available 24/7.

But top producers know the opposite is true and they set up their day in a way that prevents clients from being able to claim they’re difficult to reach.

Today’s message will help you maintain your sanity and deliver world-class service, no matter how busy you get, or what's going on in the world.

No one wants to be accused of being difficult to work with or hard to reach and the thought of it causes people to compromise their own happiness. This message is less about a daily schedule and more about maintaining healthy boundaries.



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