Two Ways To Quickly Discover Your Superpower

self care sunday Sep 21, 2019

When you were a kid did you tell everyone you were going to be a Realtor when you grew up? Hahaha! Okay, so like three of you may have, but most of us didn't even know what a Realtor was when we were kids.

As a boy I was convinced I was going to be a pilot! Not only did that sound great on the playground, I got to dream about being a pilot while flying jets in video games and gluing together plastic models that I'd hang from my bedroom ceiling with fishing string!

My very first memory of anything real estate related was sitting on the floor in a Coldwell Banker conference room while my mom was making an offer on a house. At least that's what I think was happening because we moved shortly after. I was in fifth or sixth grade at the time and couldn't care less about real estate.

When I got my license, it was because I wanted to make money. I still didn't care that much about houses. Which turns out was totally fine because what my clients really wanted was for me to use my SUPERPOWER.

Have you ever considered what your SUPERPOWER might be?

When you discover it, you can apply it to any industry you want and in this week's message, I cover two ways to quickly identify it.

Click to watch and I can't wait to learn what you discover. Let me hear from you in the comments!

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