Get paid for your opinion

self care sunday wiltw Mar 28, 2020

How does that saying go? Opinions are like what? Okay that's cute, but have you noticed the world loves to pay for your opinion?

You can get paid cash by universities to sit in a focus group and opine on all kinds of topics. Companies will pay you in points, gift cards or discounts on future purchases for submitting reviews. Recently I was paid by a trade association in the form of a new-release book for filling out a survey.

And consumers will pay for your opinions. They won't walk up and hand you a wad of cash for them, but they will pay you in the form of referrals and repeat business.

Last year in residential real estate, 90% of consumers reported being willing to refer their agent to friends and family and hire them again for the next move. It's also commonly reported that only about 20% of people actually do those two things.

Real estate is not alone in dealing with that huge gap. All service based professionals could benefit from an increase in referral and repeat business. Sadly, many people don't make the connection that their opinions inspire referrals, so they don't use their voice. Worse, some people hold back for fear of being judged. In either case, lots of money is left on the table.

I recorded this video to inspire you to speak you mind and help you narrow that gap. If you watch to the end, there's even a sneaky business generating tip (that most people miss) you can use right away!


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