Will California Voters change real estate forever?

self care sunday Oct 30, 2020

When I'm coaching agents on issues with their broker, sometimes I'll ask what they've already agreed to in their independent contractor agreement. Many people don't know where that document is, let alone what it says.

No judgment here; I get it. Most brokers use pretty standardized IC agreements and you just want to get out there and earn commission, right?

Real estate agents intuitively understand what it means to work as an independent contractor, but the general public does not. And the few that do might have an agenda to force people into becoming employees.

Which is why Prop 22 in California got my attention. The results of the vote will have a huge impact on thousands of independent contracts (expect Realtors - for now).

But think about it: What if the voters of your state were asked to determine your employment status? 

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