The Importance of Making Mistakes

self care sunday Oct 26, 2019


This week I did a webinar where over 50% of people who registered attended the live session and most people stayed until the very end. That's pretty good in the world of webinars these days!

But it wasn't all perfect. In fact, as soon as it was over, I went into my studio and recorded this week's video. I wanted to capture the raw emotions because I made some silly mistakes and it was the perfect opportunity to show you what I so often tell you - we learn by doing.

Some people insist on learning everything before they do something; which is one of the 7 fatal mistakes I talked about on the webinar that force people to seek a job with a regular paycheck.

Successful people know the only way we really learn is by doing - which means we're going to screw something up along the way. Convincing ourselves we can sit in enough classes to learn it all first will do nothing but keep us stuck right were we are.

That's why I created the GoodStart Coaching Challenge™. It's 8 weeks of action based coaching designed to block all the noise and proven to get you producing fast (or faster!). 

So, check out my message this week and then hit the link to see if the Challenge is right for you. You deserve to thrive and the Challenge was built to sling shot you into 2020 with enormous momentum...but you gotta act now. 😉

Check it out and decide if you're in.

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