How a Realtor Lost My Business

self care sunday Sep 19, 2020

Hey, happy Sunday! I've been in real estate since high school and a licensed Texas Realtor since 1994. I've coached agents all over the country and worked with them on personal business in states where I don't have a license.

So, I like to think I have about as much empathy as one could have for a fellow agent. But, when you blow it, you blow it.

Recently a California Realtor lost my business and isn't even aware of it. I made this week's vlog so you could learn from his mistake! Check it out...

Let's go think bigger this week,

-jasen 🤠


PS. I sent the manuscript for my book, The Top Producer Life, back to my editor this week for the final round of editing. This is getting so exciting and real. Next up is the photo shoot and you know I'm going to just hate pulling together outfits! 😂 Help me spread the word about the launch! Please click here to introduce me to others in your office. For example, who do you know that just got their license? Or, who is always taking classes and working on their craft?

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