Why You Should Use Caution When Asking Other Agents For Advice

self care sunday Sep 07, 2019

One of the main reasons I don’t often jump into Facebook groups for real estate these days is because I almost always bounce out of them thinking: “Jesus it’s the blind leading the blind in there”.

Now, people no doubt get some benefit from the informal group mentoring these groups can provide. But when I’m wearing my coaching hat, and I see someone pose a question on a sales topic, the typical advice I read isn’t likely to help much.

You see, when I was learning to sell, I had to turn to my broker; herself a seasoned veteran and lifelong student of sales or my coach, an industry sales training legend. And while agents in the office certainly helped each other, we turned to trusted sources for guidance when it mattered.

These days when someone posts a question on social media, they get a list of “here’s what I do” responses and left trying to sort it all out wondering if one other responses will work in their specific situation. Those answering mean well, I don’t doubt that, but I do doubt whether “what they do” works consistently.

This week I saw a question on Facebook about listings and felt compelled to jump in with a robust, thought through answer from a coach’s perspective; one that had context and would help anyone who read it. Check out this week's video to see how my answer differed from the other comments that were posted.


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