Sex and Salesmanship

self care sunday Nov 02, 2019

This week a client of mine who has become a good friend posted her thoughts about the Austin Independent School District’s new sex education policy on Facebook. The post had over 100 comments and I was immediately curious what everyone was writing.

As you can imagine, people definitely had their own opinions. Sex on its own is a hot topic; adding children made it explosive! I don’t have children and I believe that allowed me to read through the comments with an objective distance.

Right way I noticed a few things:

  • Commenters wanted to persuade others to agree with their point of view but they had no clue how to persuade people.
  • Because of that, instead of trying to win people over, they were just trying to win a fight.
  • Not many people (on this thread anyway) seemed to understand the difference between an arguement and a fight.
  • The comments exposed the limiting beliefs the commenters have about sexuality in general.
  • This is similar to what happens when people get into a passionate discussion about sales. You know...the ones where people say that aren’t salespeople, they are consultants...girl please...🙄

Anyway, that post got so inflamed Facebook deleted it. And it’s too bad more of those people didn’t know how to sell. Because when you become good at selling, you also become good at winning people over.

Since I can’t share that post with you, I decided to share the response I wrote this week to someone in my own coaching group who posted his negative thoughts about salespeople.

Let me state that again: he’s in a coaching group designed to make him a better salesperson and he posted about how selling is shameful.

Yeah...I had to comment and in this week’s video, I share with you what I wrote.

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