Two Things That Commonly Block Dreams

self care sunday Aug 03, 2019

Why in the world did it take me 27 long years to realize my dream of moving to California? That's a question I've been pondering lately. Somehow, one life event after another led me to today, where I'm writing this to you from the beach. But why did it take so damn long?

It wasn't a lack of desire. It wasn't a lack of funding or opportunity. The real reasons, two very big reasons, were discovered on the long drive out here. As a performance coach, I talk to people daily about ways to get really good at selling. The whole point is to help people use their business to get closer to realizing their own dream. 

So, while it would have been easy to post one video about California then get back to some general real estate sales topic, I decided it could potentially help more people by sharing some of my own lessons that took a very long time to learn.

Watching this week could cut some of that time off of the path to realizing your own vision. Enjoy...and please let me know what you think in the comments after watching!

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