Two tricks to reclaim your evenings

self care sunday Sep 26, 2020

Hey! Do you ever struggle to put work away and enjoy the evening? Even if you physically stop working, does your mind continue to churn?

Yeah, happens to me too. I consider myself to be LEVEL: EXPERT at putting work away for the day, yet the never ending craziness of 2020 has triggered some stressful evenings.

So I fell back on two tricks that provided quick relief. You can use them too! Check out this weeks vlog and I'll show you how... 

PS. The manuscript for my first book, The Top Producer Life, is OFFICIALLY DONE! This week I've been working on how to do a book tour. It will likely be a mix of in-person and virtual events. Should I come to your city or through your screen? Let me know here.

My first book is available now!

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