This Could Be Why Your Friend Hired Someone Else

self care sunday Oct 19, 2019

One evening recently I was FaceTiming with my partner Jon before bed. Jon still lives in Austin so this is part of our evening ritual until he arrives in California. On this particular evening, he was obviously distracted and not looking into the camera. He was looking over his Facebook advertising metrics and I was like, well jeez I must be pretty boring tonight! Now I always FaceTime with my shirt off! haha! 

I started thinking back to what an evening looked like before we had iPhones and Facebook ad campaigns. What exactly did we do?! The memories are wonderful. We made dinner, talked about our day while actually looking at each other, maybe watched an episode of Sex and The City, planned outfits for the next day and right before bed we'd walk the dogs one more time. That last dog walk has long been one of my favorite parts of the day.

And if you go back far enough, there was one other thing we did pre-iPhone; pre-Internet really. We would sit around the coffee table putting address labels and stamps on marketing postcards. The only metric we had in those days was a yellow sticker that was put on a postcard if it was returned because of an address change. Some of you remember the feeling when you got one of those and realized someone (a friend even) who should have hired you has already moved. Do you remember the first thing you did? I do - you went straight to the MLS to see which sucker they hired so you could torture them with your voodoo doll! lol!

In those days, the yellow sticker was a clear sign that we needed to do a better job of staying connected with the people in our database. This week, the promotion I'm doing for my webinar has heightened my awareness of the modern version of the yellow sticker. So, in this week's video, I talk about what I'm doing to maintain a better connection with my own email list. It's something most self-employed people totally miss and if you follow my lead and take fast action on this one, I'm betting there could be additional business for you before the year ends...that you might have otherwise missed.


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