Tinder Is Ruining Salespeople

self care sunday Jul 20, 2019

After buying something online, when do you expect it to show up? Thanks to Amazon‘s Prime Now app, the answer for many is literally "now"! Or at the longest two days; anything longer is simply irritating. We have become a pretty impatient society and that extends to relationships.

I recently sat at a restaurant bar and watched the young guy next to me pull up his Tinder app and swipe left on tons of profiles. Was it too much effort to try to start a conversation with any of those women? Was he secretly hoping Amazon would drop one in his lap within an hour or two? Maybe he had really high standards. Or he could've been a jerk. Or possibly just bored...

Ironically, if the answer for him was "just bored", swiping left was only going to isolate him further and contribute to the boredom.

I started thinking about my early experiences dating as a young man. The world was much slower and we couldn't "swipe left" on anything. Then I made a connection on how playing something we called the Mailbox Game prepared me for salesmanship and how apps like tinder are ruining salespeople all over the place!

Are we unconsciously swiping left on perfectly good leads and referral sources? What could happen if we took a chance and swiped right more often, in effect, forcing ourselves to become better at getting into relationship with new prospects? 

That's what this week's lesson is about...

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