Is staying home the real danger?

self care sunday wiltw Apr 18, 2020

I can't remember a time when the world has been so distracted for so long. But have you noticed that whether we stay home or not, life is moving on? While we debate the "opening of the economy", the sanity of face masks and wonder exactly where our government is sending trillions of dollars, time marches on. It may feel like it occasionally, but life itself never closed down and doesn't need to be reopened.

This week, it became clear to me that we don't need anymore tips on how to work from home and we certainly don't need anymore fear mongering from the media. Instead, I believe we need more reminders to get on with it. Adversity has struck, past tense. Now we need to adapt and move forward

It's possible I'm preaching to the choir. Self employed people are pretty resilient after all. So maybe you'll shout AMEN to my message or maybe you'll think I'm trying to make light of a crisis. Ether way, don't be shy about leaving your opinion in the comments!


By the way, when surrounded by people who are scared, those of us who have learned to deliberately focus our attention and eliminate fear can be seen as insensitive and mean. If we thrive publicly, we can be accused of being selfish. If anyone tries to project that on you, resist lowering your energy to match theirs. Just keep our eyes forward and keep moving on. For a quick boost, check out two ways I quiet self-doubt when it tries to creep into my mind.

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