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Two tricks to reclaim your evenings

self care sunday Sep 26, 2020

Hey! Do you ever struggle to put work away and enjoy the evening? Even if you physically stop working, does your mind continue to churn?

Yeah, happens to me too. I consider myself to be LEVEL: EXPERT at putting work away for the day, yet the never ending craziness of 2020 has triggered some stressful evenings.

So I fell back on two tricks that provided quick relief. You can use them too! Check out this weeks vlog and I'll show you how... 

PS. The manuscript for my first book, The Top Producer Life, is OFFICIALLY DONE! This week I've been working on how to do a book tour. It will likely be a mix of in-person and virtual events. Should I come to your city or through your screen? Let me know here.

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How a Realtor Lost My Business

self care sunday Sep 19, 2020

Hey, happy Sunday! I've been in real estate since high school and a licensed Texas Realtor since 1994. I've coached agents all over the country and worked with them on personal business in states where I don't have a license.

So, I like to think I have about as much empathy as one could have for a fellow agent. But, when you blow it, you blow it.

Recently a California Realtor lost my business and isn't even aware of it. I made this week's vlog so you could learn from his mistake! Check it out...

Let's go think bigger this week,



PS. I sent the manuscript for my book, The Top Producer Life, back to my editor this week for the final round of editing. This is getting so exciting and real. Next up is the photo shoot and you know I'm going to just hate pulling together outfits! Help me spread the word about the launch! Please click here to introduce me to others in your office. For example, who do you know that just got their license? Or, who...

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What social influencers are doing that you should copy

self care sunday Sep 12, 2020

Hey! Let's play a game.

QUICK: How many followers do you have on Instagram?

NOW: How many people are in your database and on your email list?

Which number are you more certain you got right? If the answer was Instagram, don't feel bad, that just makes you normal.

But you're not after normal. You're after your version of the top producer life, right?

This week I read a report on what serious "influencers" are doing to lock in their influence -and income, long term. There's a good lesson in the report for all of us. Check out this week's vlog where I share it with you...

Let's go think bigger this week,



PS. My upcoming book, The Top Producer Life, has an entire section on how to protect your business from the ever changing direction of technology, including social media. Help me spread the word about the launch! Please click here to introduce me to others in your office. For example, who do you know that just got their license? Or,...

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5 Tips For Agents Born After 9/11/2001

inspiration Sep 11, 2020

Dear 18-year old agent,

I remember the day I got the results of my real estate license exam in the mail. It was just a few weeks after I’d turned 18 and as I slid the single piece of paper out of the envelope from the Texas Real Estate Commission, it said simply “PASS”. I was looking out from my third floor apartment balcony and felt like I was literally on the top of the world. After working at the Texas Association of Realtors throughout high school, I was convinced that I would soon become just as rich as I assumed all the Realtors around me were.

Now that I’m 45, with full knowledge of what it really takes to make it in this business, I envy the hopeful, newbie energy you no doubt have. I encourage you to hold onto that excitement and hopefulness as long as possible. We can never be certain about the future except to know that challenges and adversity will come.

This morning I realized that the September 11th attacks on the United States happened 19 years...

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Why you won't be Zooming with clients forever

self care sunday Sep 05, 2020

Hey, happy Labor Day! The summer sure has zoomed by, hasn't it?!

Okay cheesy jokes aside, this week my book editor asked me if, after the pandemic passes, agents would resume meeting with clients in person.

I said of course and told her that in many areas, agents never stopped meeting with clients in person.

The reason even the most locked down cities will eventually see a return to face-to-face interactions holds a key to creating experiences that will strengthen your bond with clients. And that should mean more repeat and referral business.

Check out the video to learn why you won’t be on Zoom forever...and why that’s good for business.

Let's go think bigger this week,




This week I chose 26 concepts for my upcoming book, The Top Producer Life, that my illustrator is going to visualize. So exciting!  Would you be willing to help me spread the word about the launch? Please click here to...

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End 2020 feeling like you just won a marathon

self care sunday Aug 29, 2020

This year has felt like we're all running a marathon together, hasn't it?! Whether you're busier than ever, or business has been thrown off by the pandemic, you can make 2020 a year you're proud of.

I dug out my first marathon finisher's medal - and an old lesson from my days as an endurance athlete to show you how to end this year feeling like you won! Check it out...

PS. This week I chose the chapter titles for my upcoming book, The Top Producer Life. That little exercise wasn't as straightforward as I thought it would be! Would you be willing to help me spread the word about the launch? Please click here to introduce me to others in your office. For example, who do you know that just got their license? Or, who is always taking classes and working on their craft?

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Baby names, mom fights and real estate

self care sunday Aug 22, 2020

Hey! Several years ago, I watched my pregnant friend get visibly angry when she saw her pregnant girlfriend's baby name announcement. It was one of the names on the list my friend was considering for her child.

Prior to this I was unaware of the mess that was about to go down. These two ladies quickly engaged in an epic passive-aggressive fight that I'm not sure ever got settled.

Naturally, my friend was also planning to buy a bigger home so one would think she didn't need any extra stress and would just drop it.

But now that I'm ready to announce a baby name of my own, I sort of get it... 

I've been talking about my quarantine project for a few weeks now so you've no doubt figured out the announcement is the name of my first book! I started 2020 thinking I might finish the first draft by the end of the year. But life had other plans and the project will be ready to launch in a few months. The whole process has been more fulfilling than I ever thought and I can't wait to share...

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Source of all your client problems pt 2

self care sunday Aug 15, 2020

You guys overwhelmingly agreed with me last week about the cause of nearly every client that spins out of control. This is the rest of the story about how I coach people to set clear expectations and avoid difficult situations...

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Source of all your client problems pt. 1

self care sunday Aug 08, 2020

Happy SundayFunday!  Over the last few days, I've helped several agents clean up quite a few issues with their clients, ranging from out of control buyers to uncooperative sellers.

Once we created their game plan to get things under control, we discussed the cause of nearly all problem clients and how to avoid them in the future. This is what I told them... 

*** Next Sunday I'll post part 2 of how to minimize client problems. THEN, the week after that I have some exciting news to share with you about the publication of my first book! I can't wait! If you've ever wondered if there was a way to truly maximize your potential and realize your FULL VISION from the day you decided to get licensed, you're going to love what I've got for you. In the meantime, please click here to share this email with others in your office so that I may connect with them too! 


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A Fresh Take On Renting vs Buying

self care sunday Aug 01, 2020

We all agree that, long term, buying a home is better than renting one, correct? In the same way then, it's much better to own your business than to rent it. These days I see too many agents renting their business without evening realizing it.

Confused? You won't be after this week's video. It's a fresh take on renting vs. buying that'll safeguard your hard work put into marketing your business. Check it out!

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