10 Most Watched Videos of 2020

self care sunday Dec 18, 2020

At the end of each year, I dig into analytics to see which vlog messages resonated with you the most. And this year, the post you clicked on and revisited the most makes the coach in me really happy!

Check out today's video for the background story on the most popular vlogs and learn which one caused someone to call me a moron! haha!

Here are direct links to the top 10:

10. Why 99% commitment is hard but 100% is easy

9. Realtors history of discrimination (Hint: I might have been called a moron because of this one 🤠)

8. How a California agent lost my business

7. Baby names, mom fights and real estate

6. The fastest way to stand out from the competition

5. The only way you'll ever take a day off

4. Why you shouldn't tell everyone about your goals

3. First life prunes you, then you bloom

2. The Viral Thank You Note

1. 15 things to do in a market shift

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