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How Come No One Can Control Their Schedule Anymore?

self care sunday May 18, 2019

Time freedom. It’s one of the big three draws into the real estate industry. But I challenge you to name even three people in your company who honestly have control over their schedule and enjoy true time freedom.

These days, the business owners and entrepreneurs I coach routinely seek help controlling their schedule. This wasn't always such a huge issue. So, how would you answer if I asked: Are you more of a consumer or a producer? Your answer will largely determine whether you get to enjoy one of the best things about owning your own business.

For whatever reason, no matter the market or my financial position at the time, I’ve never struggled to feel like I have freedom to do what I want, when I want.

And I don’t say that lightly. I just took a minute to reflect on my past. Can I actually say that? Is it really true? Well, is...

To be sure, I’m writing this at 1 pm Friday while walking around town lake in Austin listening to the 80s...

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Should you ever challenge a client?

self care sunday May 11, 2019

Picture this: Your client is about to make a decision you think is a mistake.

For example; the seller wants to counter the offer they've received and you sense in your gut this is the best they will get. Your experience tells you a counter may cause them to lose the buyer. 

What do you do? You have to make the counter, right?

We all know the answer is yes. But maybe watch this first...

And after, I'd love to hear one of your stories. Has something like this happened to you? How did you handle it? Leave a comment and let's learn together!

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Good Negotiator Series: Episode 3

self care sunday May 04, 2019

Good negotiators are good at persuading others. So, if I gave you a set of words that promised to make you super persuasive, would you be willing to use them in the next conversation with a client or prospect?

I thought twice about sharing this because now you’re going to know when I’m deliberately trying to persuade you! Then I remembered my Jedi training. And it’s totally cool, because even when you know what I'm doing, it's still going to work!

Seriously, learn this today and next time we talk, we'll see who's the stronger persuader! Even better, after watching the video, try out the phrase and then come back to this post to leave a comment. I'd love to hear how you guys are using this!

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Good Negotiator Series: Episode 2

self care sunday Apr 27, 2019

Have you heard the phrase "time kills all deals"? Well, so does complication. In part 2 of our series on becoming a good negotiator, I explain one of the best strategies I've ever learned that saves time and simplifies almost any negotiation.

The strategy is counterintuitive and because of that, has consistently given my clients and me an almost unfair advantage.

I have to talk about cars to get you there and I promise I won't trigger any used-car salesperson vibes! In a few minutes, you're going to have a powerful new trick up your sleeve.

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Good Negotiator Series: Episode 1

self care sunday Apr 20, 2019

Very few people ever ask me how to become a better negotiator. But I work on it with my clients all the time - and often they don't even know that's what we're doing.

Today we start a series on my best negotiation principles and tactics.

Have you ever felt stress while working to get an agreement on a sales contract for your client? Would you believe me if I told you I can quickly teach you how to eliminate it?

In fact, I can do that in 6 minutes and 11 seconds. Watch the video and get happy!

I can always use your help connecting with new people. Who do you know who could benefit from this message? Please leave a comment, let me know what you thought , then tag a friend!

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How $10M earners in my coaching group get back on track

self care sunday Apr 13, 2019

Last week I was in Phoenix meeting with my coach where I was surrounded by some very high earners; some of whom make in excess of $10 million a year.

Because we were in a protected coaching environment with zero judgement, everyone opened up about their experiences in the first quarter - both their successes and setbacks.

It wasn't long before I noticed that every multi-millionaire in the room spoke about their setbacks in basically the same way. It was really refreshing to hear them open up because it served as a great reminder that, while their problems may seem bigger, they still have them.

One of the four things they had in common (I talk about all 4 in the video) was a habit of quickly identifying the next step they could take, no matter how small, when they needed to overcome adversity and get back on track. And here's the important part: they took that step almost immediately

None of them pretended it was easy. In fact, we heard some gut...

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Why I changed my name

personal Mar 07, 2019

If you knew me before January 2019, my name might look funny to you. How many people have your same name? That last time I checked, 17 people in Austin alone have MY first, middle and last names! My name is so common it created a little internets problem. Getting my own URL or name on social media has been a constant issue. Here's how I finally fixed it!

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