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This Top Producer Nearly Lost An $18,000 Commission!

Uncategorized Sep 15, 2019

Recently I got a text message from one of my favorite people in the business. She’s an accomplished top producer in her market and the kind of person who shows up in your life with a phone call when you least expect it, just to remind you she hasn't forgotten you.

Of course, the side effect of that behavior is that no one forgets her. Her follow up game is on point and her production numbers show it. There are armies of agents across the country who would love to have a business like hers.

So I was surprised this week when I got a text message about a client she nearly lost that would have cost her $18,000 in commission. Watch this week’s message so you don’t inadvertently make the same mistake.

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Why You Should Use Caution When Asking Other Agents For Advice

self care sunday Sep 08, 2019

One of the main reasons I don’t often jump into Facebook groups for real estate these days is because I almost always bounce out of them thinking: “Jesus it’s the blind leading the blind in there”.

Now, people no doubt get some benefit from the informal group mentoring these groups can provide. But when I’m wearing my coaching hat, and I see someone pose a question on a sales topic, the typical advice I read isn’t likely to help much.

You see, when I was learning to sell, I had to turn to my broker; herself a seasoned veteran and lifelong student of sales or my coach, an industry sales training legend. And while agents in the office certainly helped each other, we turned to trusted sources for guidance when it mattered.

These days when someone posts a question on social media, they get a list of “here’s what I do” responses and left trying to sort it all out wondering if one other responses will work in their specific...

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Your 2019 Fall Routine: How To Build Momentum Fast

self care sunday Aug 31, 2019

Happy Labor Day! Did you hear that sigh of relief? It came from Realtors who just sent their kids back to school and finally feel like they have some time back to devote to their business!

Whether you have kids that just went back to school or not, no doubt you're thinking about the last push for sales that will close this year. You're wanting to have an abundant holiday season free from financial worry and you're wanting to end the year strong!

Then why are some people I talk to in more of a low grade panic than an a focused mental state ready to kick butt?

The answer comes down to 4 simple things I've been talking about in coaching calls all week. When they're ignored, anxiety is the end result. Luckily, anyone can implement them quickly.

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How Long Can You Get Away With Ignoring The Basics?

Uncategorized Aug 24, 2019

Pretty much everything we want to accomplish in life can be broken down into a few basic, yet critical, actions that produce results. It's the 80/20 rule you've no doubt heard many times before.

When it comes to business, I can't think of a time when there were more reasons excuses to become distracted and unfocused. I mean, entire books are now being written about our culture's lack of ability to focus deeply on anything for longer than 8 seconds. Those authors theorize that anyone who can focus deeply for sustained periods of time will be indispensable in the workforce. As long as we focus on the right things, don't you agree? 

So how long can one get away with ignoring the 20% of the activities that really matter? Well, when it comes to my figure and how tight my jeans get, the answer is a short four weeks! hahaha!

But seriously, the kids are back in school and now is the time to refocus. In this week's message I talk about two simple basic activities that can get you...

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When Should You Fire Your Coach?

self care sunday Aug 17, 2019

Hiring a coach, especially the first one, is a big deal for most people. It’s exciting and also a little bit scary because you’ve probably just written a large check and are expecting the coach to push you out of your comfort zone.

To be sure, when I’m talking to a prospective new client, I can sense that mix of nervousness and excitement on the other end of the phone. And it won’t surprise you to hear that the most common questions I get are about how much I charge; what I will do to help them hit their goals; and how I will hold them accountable.

As a new coach, I was happy to take on a client and work to hold them accountable. Eventually, I learned experienced coaches understand they aren't really the ones holding clients accountable; certainly not in any meaningful or lasting way. These days if accountability is all a client wants, we have to part ways. In other words, I've had to fire clients who...

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How Katherine Took 15 Listings In One Week!

self care sunday Aug 11, 2019

A few days ago, one of my most talented clients from central Texas called to tell me she took 15 listings - this week

You might be wondering: Is she super-well connected? Is she cutting her commission to the bone? Does she have a life? Did she just get lucky?

The answers are: She has a normal sphere of influence. She's charging full commission. She has a great life and two little kiddos. And she did not get lucky; she earned every single one.

So how then? How does one take 15 listings in a single week?!

The answer is not one you might expect and it's something everyone can do. Click to watch this week's message and I'll tell you just how she did it.

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Two Things That Commonly Block Dreams

self care sunday Aug 04, 2019

Why in the world did it take me 27 long years to realize my dream of moving to California? That's a question I've been pondering lately. Somehow, one life event after another led me to today, where I'm writing this to you from the beach. But why did it take so damn long?

It wasn't a lack of desire. It wasn't a lack of funding or opportunity. The real reasons, two very big reasons, were discovered on the long drive out here. As a performance coach, I talk to people daily about ways to get really good at selling. The whole point is to help people use their business to get closer to realizing their own dream. 

So, while it would have been easy to post one video about California then get back to some general real estate sales topic, I decided it could potentially help more people by sharing some of my own lessons that took a very long time to learn.

Watching this week could cut some of that time off of the path to realizing your own vision. Enjoy...and please let me know what you...

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Protect Your Vision

self care sunday Jul 28, 2019

OMG I moved to Santa Barbara this week! Living in California is something I began dreaming of as a child. I even moved to Los Angeles when I was 17, right after being graduated from high school, but it didn't last long. Twenty seven years later, I've come full circle and am back on-track with this vision.

Living life on our own terms is something I believe we all want. One would think that after nearly three decades of life experience, moving to a new city would be relatively easy. Or at least low-drama. Compared to my 17 year old self, I have resources and knowledge that only come with the passing of time.

But for me, the move was neither easy nor drama-free. This was one of the most intense weeks of my life. I was pushed to the edge emotionally. I felt fear, loneliness, frustration, anger, loss and doubt - just to name a few of the negative emotions. I was reduced to tears at least once a day. I also felt excited, empowered, happy, enthusiastic,...

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Tinder Is Ruining Salespeople

self care sunday Jul 20, 2019

After buying something online, when do you expect it to show up? Thanks to Amazon‘s Prime Now app, the answer for many is literally "now"! Or at the longest two days; anything longer is simply irritating. We have become a pretty impatient society and that extends to relationships.

I recently sat at a restaurant bar and watched the young guy next to me pull up his Tinder app and swipe left on tons of profiles. Was it too much effort to try to start a conversation with any of those women? Was he secretly hoping Amazon would drop one in his lap within an hour or two? Maybe he had really high standards. Or he could've been a jerk. Or possibly just bored...

Ironically, if the answer for him was "just bored", swiping left was only going to isolate him further and contribute to the boredom.

I started thinking about my early experiences dating as a young man. The world was much slower and we couldn't "swipe left" on...

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What If Facebook And Google Deleted You?

self care sunday Jul 13, 2019

What if one day you woke to discover your website was removed from Google's search index or, that your Instagram or Facebook page was taken down

What would you do?

I know a Realtor who lost her Facebook business page because someone stole her identity and used it to spread hate speech throughout Facebook. All accounts with her identity, real and fake, were removed.

Have you heard of shadow banning? That's where it looks like your account is operating normally but you've been rendered invisible to most other people because you've broken a rule.

This happened to me recently when I used too many hashtags on my Instagram posts. Instagram allows a maximum of 30 hashtags, but apparently the rules are such that if you always use 30 and they are remotely similar, your posts will be banned from showing up on any hashtags feeds.

That meant while I was shadow banned, if I wanted people to find me with #realestate, I was out of luck...

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