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THE week to think bigger

self care sunday Dec 27, 2020

Remember this time last year when we were all super excited about 2020 and the whole “new decade” thing? Like most of you, I was full of enthusiasm for the year to come. In January I launched a new coaching program with a fresh vision about how coaching should work for salespeople. I had a solid outline for my first book and after a five year break from life as a traveling speaker, I felt compelled to get in front of a live audience again. Wanna make God laugh, tell him your plans, right? Or her. Has God posted pronouns on an Instagram profile yet?

Anyway, I have always had big dreams and a stubborn refusal to acknowledge limitations; call it the Capricorn way. But for a few months at the end of 2019 and beginning of 2020 it felt like everyone was thinking equally as big. Then life came along and handed us a big crap sandwich.

I suppose this shouldn’t have been a surprise. My astrologer had been discussing the energy of 2020 for quite a while, but astrology...

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10 Most Watched Videos of 2020

self care sunday Dec 18, 2020

At the end of each year, I dig into analytics to see which vlog messages resonated with you the most. And this year, the post you clicked on and revisited the most makes the coach in me really happy!

Check out today's video for the background story on the most popular vlogs and learn which one caused someone to call me a moron! haha!

Here are direct links to the top 10:

10. Why 99% commitment is hard but 100% is easy

9. Realtors history of discrimination (Hint: I might have been called a moron because of this one )

8. How a California agent lost my business

7. Baby names, mom fights and real estate

6. The fastest way to stand out from the competition

5. The only way you'll ever take a day off

4. Why you shouldn't tell everyone about your goals

3. First life prunes you, then you bloom

2. The Viral Thank You Note

1. 15 things to do in a market shift

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Why you should stop role playing scripts

self care sunday Dec 11, 2020

Have you ever been asked to role play your sales scripts? Yeah, me too. But outside the classroom environment, I rarely did so.

In fact, while my colleagues sat around and practiced their lines, I did something else that rapidly improved my sales skills and eventually made me a consistent top producer.

Then, on a daily basis people began asking me "what do you say when questions". Even though I didn't practice my scripts, I was the guy in my company who was known to have all the right words for every situation with clients and prospects.

What's funny is those agents thought my answers were scripts when they were something else entirely. This week I discovered a new way to show you how to do what worked so well. Check out the vlog and you'll never again have to waste time practicing scripts!

Happy holidays and let's go think bigger this week,


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Holiday Production Hacks

self care sunday Dec 05, 2020

This week I had two very different calls with agents.

Call #1 was with a client of mine who is having her best year ever. In fact, she's sold more homes in the 4th quarter than any quarter before. We worked on setting expectations and holding boundaries so she has time to enjoy her success over the holiday season.

Call #2 was with an agent referred to me who was highly frustrated and struggling to build momentum. He's only sold a handful of homes and is worried about money because "no one moves over the holidays".

Two agents, two very different experiences. Now, one some level, everyone knows there's plenty of business to be had every month of the year. But not everyone knows what to do to both stay productive and enjoy the holiday season. So this week's vlog lays it out in simple terms for you.

If you identify more with call #1, bravo! Watch this week's message for any extra production hacks. 

If you identify more with call #2 or are somewhere between the two, take a deep...

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Lessons from a bad jewelry store salesperson

self care sunday Nov 28, 2020


One of the best ways to become a top producer is to study how others sell to you and the holiday season provides plenty of opportunity to observe salespeople in a variety of settings.

A few days ago, the watch pictured at the top left in a window display got my attention and I went into the store.

My experience with the owner is the perfect case study on what not to do when working with people.

Check out all the things the guy did to blow the sale in this weeks vlog... 

PS. Click here to send me your snail mail address for a holiday surprise from California!


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How to detox your digital life, clear space for fresh inspiration

self care sunday Nov 21, 2020

Happy holidays! Jon already has one of our trees fully decorated and I'm doing a lot of fasting to hedge against the coming calorie fest.

Maybe without all the business events this year, we won't have a need a detox come January.

But given the challenges we've had thrown at us in 2020, there's one kind of detox you should consider.

It's effective at clearing your mind for fresh inspiration and you can do it while consuming as many holiday calories as you want! Check it out in this week's vlog...


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How to get people to remember you

self care sunday Nov 13, 2020

I get asked for agent recommendations all the time and there's one thing only a few agents ever do, that make their names come to mind immediately when the referral is for their city.

This one thing is the secret to getting people to remember you when it counts. Almost no one does it and now is the perfect time for you to start. Check it out in this week's vlog...

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How to sell when people are divided

self care sunday Nov 05, 2020

If the results of the 2020 election confirm anything for salespeople, it's that people don't have the same point of view and struggle to agree with one another, even when presented with the same "facts".

But working with people who have a hard time reaching an agreement isn't exactly new territory for agents. How many times have you seen a seller look at clear factual evidence his house is overpriced and stubbornly refuse to negotiate with a buyer?

At this point it wouldn't surprise me if someone out there had a client claim an appraisal was "fake news"!

So how do you continue to thrive in a low-trust environment? How do you help your clients make good decisions when they can barely agree on "facts"?

Get the answer in this week's vlog...

Let's go think bigger this week,



PS. Do you have a favorite podcast? To prepare for the launch of my book, The Top Producer Life, I'm lining up interviews with podcasters. Let me know in the comments which show I should be on!


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Will California Voters change real estate forever?

self care sunday Oct 30, 2020

When I'm coaching agents on issues with their broker, sometimes I'll ask what they've already agreed to in their independent contractor agreement. Many people don't know where that document is, let alone what it says.

No judgment here; I get it. Most brokers use pretty standardized IC agreements and you just want to get out there and earn commission, right?

Real estate agents intuitively understand what it means to work as an independent contractor, but the general public does not. And the few that do might have an agenda to force people into becoming employees.

Which is why Prop 22 in California got my attention. The results of the vote will have a huge impact on thousands of independent contracts (expect Realtors - for now).

But think about it: What if the voters of your state were asked to determine your employment status? 

An alternate version of this post is published on the Realtors YPN Blog

Do you have a favorite podcast? To prepare for the launch of my book, The Top...

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Spring Listing Strategy

self care sunday Oct 23, 2020

Remember when the lockdowns first hit this spring? Many of us wondered how quickly we'd find ourselves in a buyer's market.

As you know, with a few exceptions, the buyer's market never showed up. If you practice in an area and/or price range that's low on inventory, don't miss this week's vlog post!

Learn what you can do now to give yourself a massive head start on finding the listings you'll need just when the spring buyers come to life in 2021.  It's so easy and simple, most of your competition will overlook it.

I've done this, my coaching clients have done it and now you can...the field is wide open!

Let's go think bigger this week,


PS. Do you have a favorite podcast? To prepare for the launch of my book, The Top Producer Life, I'm lining up interviews with podcasters. Hit reply and let me know which show I should be on! You can also let me know here.

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