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One year out of my comfort zone. Biggest Lesson.

self care sunday Jul 25, 2020

This weekend is my one year Caliversary and I've been thinking about what I've learned being far out of my comfort zone for twelve months. One lesson stands out (and has taken the most space in my journal) so I took Chug to our favorite spot in the neighborhood for this week's video to talk about it. Check it out because I'm certain it'll ease anything happening in your life or business you're struggling over...and before you go, drop a comment and let me know what you're biggest lesson has been lately!

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The secret to more buyer appointments

self care sunday Jul 18, 2020

Last week, I made the case that if you insist buyers do three things before you work with them, you'll save a ton of time and make more money faster. One of those things is to meet you for a proper buyer consultation.

I just finished editing the chapter in my upcoming book where I cover that in detail. So while it was fresh on my mind, I recorded this week's video to give you a big secret used by Top Producers to increasing the number of buyer leads who enthusiastically schedule time to meet. Check it out because you can start using it immediately...

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How to save time with new showing rules

self care sunday Jul 11, 2020

Mask? Gloves? Hand sanitizer? Check, check and check! The list of things to remember when showing a home sure is interesting. I bet you never thought you'd be opening cabinet doors or disinfecting counters after showings.

Given these new demands, agents everywhere are working hard to make their process for showings as efficient as possible. Remember, no matter what you have to do operationally to show a home, the best way to stay efficient is to...

Watch this week's video and I'll tell you! 

Let's go think bigger this week,


PS. Do you have any crazy showing stories resulting from COVID19? I'd love to hear them. Drop a comment on the blog after you watch!

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Realtors history of discrimination

self care sunday Jul 04, 2020

Check out the book The Color of Law that inspired this post.

I've always considered freedom of thought as vital to a top producer life. So this week's message is meant to expand your thinking.

I've worked in the real estate industry since high school (that's 28 years for those of you counting) and only recently learned about how it systematically excluded black people from the American Dream for decades. My intent is to share with you what I learned recently so you can incorporate it into your own thoughts about our culture today and take any action you feel inspired to take from a more informed position.

Even those of you who work in other professions will find this week's message really informative. Check it out and let me know what you think in the comments.

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Six questions that will recharge you for the next six months

self care sunday Jun 27, 2020

Am I the only one wondering what's happening to time? How can we be half way through 2020? You're not trying to rush it are you? 

From my point of view, this year has been full of excitement and opportunity. Whether you feel the same way or not, give yourself a few minutes to watch this week's video. Here's why:

If my income depended on your production, I'd coach you through a set of questions designed to keep you inspired and productive for the second half of the year. Use this to turn your year around, or make it even better than you thought it could be! Here are the questions mentioned in the video...

  1.  When you think about the goals you set in January, what has changed?
  2. What have you done well so far this year?
  3. What have you done this year that’s left you feeling inspired and energized?
  4. What have you done this year that’s left you feeling drained and off course?
  5. Which limiting beliefs have you allowed to hold you back this year?
  6. What would make...
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The dangers of personality tests

self care sunday Jun 20, 2020

Have you ever taken a personality test like the DISC Profile or Myers-Briggs? As entertaining as those tests can be, most people don't know they are't scientific.

In fact, psychologists are beginning to warn against their use because they can lead to mindlessness, inflexibility and dangerously limited thinking. Yikes!

Watch this message and set yourself free from labels that are likely holding you back from your full potential. (Inspired by Ben Hardy's new book)

What experience do you have with personality tests? Good, bad, silly fun? Let me know in the comments!

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How to stay focused when under pressure from demanding clients

self care sunday Jun 13, 2020

"A good agent is an available agent."

How would you feel if a client said that to you? While technically a true statement, it’s easy to imagine it being said with a judgmental tone; and it’s exactly what was said to one of my coaching clients. The implication is that a good agent is available 24/7.

But top producers know the opposite is true and they set up their day in a way that prevents clients from being able to claim they’re difficult to reach.

Today’s message will help you maintain your sanity and deliver world-class service, no matter how busy you get, or what's going on in the world.

No one wants to be accused of being difficult to work with or hard to reach and the thought of it causes people to compromise their own happiness. This message is less about a daily schedule and more about maintaining healthy boundaries.



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How to choose faith more often than fear

self care sunday Jun 06, 2020

I don't think it's ever been easier to observe people and determine who is living in fear and who is living in faith.

Fear and faith seem like different mindsets on the surface but have something important in common.

When you're clear about their similarities, it becomes much easier to choose faith. And the more you choose faith, the more you will thrive in business and in life, as a top producer. Watch this week's message, then share your thoughts in the comments. Had you ever considered that whichever you choose, you're essentially doing the same thing?

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How top producers stay motivated in the middle of a challenge

self care sunday May 30, 2020

Hey what’s up guys. This week in California we’re able to go back into a salon to get a haircut. (Although I was able to get my stylist to come to the house a few weeks ago.) And I imagine for many people, the first visit to the salon will be to correct whatever mess was created by the friend who gave them the “corona-cut”!

We’ve been in lockdown long enough for our hair to get to that messy stage if we’ve not tried to cut it at home. Maybe this is more of a guy thing since we tend to keep our hair shorter. But I know the ladies understand because one of my long time private clients, who has the best hair of any woman I know, remarked how long hair is great and short hair is also great, but when you’re in the middle of the two, it really sucks.

Being in the middle of almost anything can be challenging. When you’re in the middle of a diet for your beach body, calorie restriction is no fun. It was much more fun to pick out the new suit...

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What is your essential service?

self care sunday May 23, 2020

Hey what’s up guys. I want to talk to you today about your essential service. These days, we are rightfully shining the spotlight of gratitude on workers who are helping our businesses adjust to the COVID19 outbreak. But in my opinion, that doesn’t mean that other jobs aren’t essential.

Language is a tricky thing. Across the US, nurses and grocery store workers were uniformly deemed by governments as “essential”. But other professions like real estate agents were not considered essential in every state. Using the word essential this way has bothered me for a while. I understand why it was used but it just doesn't feel right for any government to classify certain people as essential and others not.  

Before you get carried away, I’m not saying we don’t need to work to keep people healthy. It’s the word essential I’m wrestling with here. You see, when I’m coaching people, one of the most important things...

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