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Sleep and why my Thursday coaching sessions were nuts

self care sunday wiltw Jan 12, 2020

It's been several years since I traveled to multiple cities each week to speak to salespeople and one thing I'm really looking forward to is getting back on the road in 2020. 

I won't be going to a different city every day but thanks to a book recommendation by Bill Gates, I now know why in the past, my Thursday sessions were nuts.

In fact, what I learned this week, when added to last week, stacks up to some powerful ammunition for the self-employed person to gain positive control of their health, career and start living their best life. That's what 2020 is about, right? Okay play!

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Sales Coaching is Life Coaching

self care sunday wiltw Jan 05, 2020

Almost immediately when I began work as a sales coach, I learned that working with self-employed business owners required me to be prepared to discuss much more than sales.

That's because on a daily basis being self-employed and selling your services exposes you to rejection and brings to the surface fears that are typically shielded by an employer.

So I had to plunge deep into growth mode and stay there if I intended to serve as a coach on a high level. I learned it was a requirement of my profession to constantly seek out new things to learn on a broad range of topics and work to connect the dots in fresh ways. And long before life coaching was a common thing, I was doing exactly that.

That's why I'm shifting the focus of these Sunday videos. We're going to transform together and go WAY BEYOND sales.

 Watch the video and I'll explain...

PS. Here's...

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Resolutions are for rookies. Manifest your 2020 goals easier.

self care sunday Dec 29, 2019

On January 15, 2014 I read a letter from Dr. Wayne Dyer that forever changed the way I set goals. In fact, his advice altered the way I manifest everything in life and once I wrapped my own mind around what was happening, I added his guidance to the work I was doing with my own coaching students. They began hitting their goals faster and told me it felt like it was taking much less effort.

So, do you have a goal for 2020? Want to learn what Dr. Dyer taught me and what has worked so well for my past studentsClick to watch this week's video and you'll come away with a whole new perspective for the new year. 

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Five Most Watched Videos of 2019

self care sunday Dec 22, 2019

In today’s video, I discuss what was going on when I recorded the most watched vlogs of 2019 and give the lessons extra context. Just below are links to the top five so you can revisit any that resonate with you today. Have an opinion on any of these? A personal favorite? Let me know in the comments!

Number 5: Should you ever challenge a client?

Number 4: Good Negotiator Series: Episode 1  (Not in the top 5 but here are episodes two and three just in case )

Number 3: The Buyer Love Letter [with Recent Examples!]

Number 2: How Katherine Took 15 Listings In One Week!

Number 1: How $10M earners in my coaching group get back on track

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Do this now to capture huge market share in 2020

self care sunday Dec 15, 2019

I can still remember a brief discussion with my coach from over 20 years ago that has a strong positive impact to this day.

I was nervous about business slowing down in December and worried the loss of momentum over the holiday season would be too hard to overcome. These were the earlier days of building my real estate practice (long before I became a coach myself) and I hadn't yet learned there was plenty of business year round.

I really thought I'd have to figure out how to survive until the "spring market". My coach said, "Why are you worried about spring? Just book January."

And in his trademark style, that was the end of it. He expected me to think about what he just said and apply it to the skills he'd already taught me.

So I created a plan of action to book January. But I had no clue it would be what triggered the capturing of over 90% market share in my area of specialty the...

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Next level schedule control

self care sunday Dec 08, 2019

Anytime the clock strikes noon and you realize you’ve been winning all morning, you know you’ve won the whole day. Win the morning, win the day, right?

But winning the morning happens inconsistently for way too many people. In fact, for most professionals it happens quite by accident because of dumb luck.

Yet, I’m willing to bet that most of my readers win the morning more than the average person.

So if I could show you how to win the next day too, would you be interested in hearing about it?

Check out the video and in about five minutes you’ll have a new trick to start stringing these winning days together... 

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Find your prefect client in 2020

self care sunday Nov 30, 2019

What is the name of your all-time favorite client? 

I bet you immediately thought of a person or a family that, if you could clone, would seem to give you the perfect career. On some level though, you know that would be an illusion because it's the difficult personalities that push you to grow. You need difficult clients to stay sharp, creative and on your toes! 

But you don't have to work with everyone. If you're willing to do a little work to define your ideal client, you'll benefit from deeper levels of clarity, enthusiasm and fulfillment each day you go into the marketplace.

Apple knows their ideal customer. So does Southwest Airlines, Nordstrom, Disney and even Dollar Tree. Do you?

If you aren't sure, you're in luck!  I've included a worksheet that will guide you through an exercise designed to identify your own perfect client. It's called the Avatar Worksheet and it's modeled after an exercise I do with...

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Your clients are in the lobby...

self care sunday Nov 24, 2019

First I heard the soft tone over the office telephone system. Then the receptionist’s voice; “Jasen, you have guests in the lobby.”

The first time that happened felt like I had a shot of adrenaline! It also served as a massive boost to my ego. Everyone else in the office heard I had clients - woohoo!

Long before iPhones and FaceTime, I met prospects and clients in the office. Under the direction of my coach, the office conference room became home base and if I was going to be in the building at all, I wanted to be in the conference room as much as possible.

Being in the conference room meant I was giving “face time” to another person and the highest producers always seemed to have the conference rooms booked. Coincidence? Hardly.

Spending time with another person face-to-face is one of the most effective ways to show up as your “best self” and I couldn’t think of a better message to send the week of Thanksgiving.

Do you have what it...

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Community: Our Secret Weapon For 2020

self care sunday Nov 17, 2019

Working out has always been an important part of my life and the gym is where I first learned about the power of communities.

Long before cross fit was a thing, I found myself building strong connections with my gym-friends and I eventually began helping them buy and sell their homes. For a long time I was THE Realtor in my gym. I'm sure other agents worked out there but you wouldn't know it because they didn't integrate with the rest of us and thus weren't a part of the community.

These days, it's common place for fitness businesses like cross fit gyms to have strong communities, but when I was a young man at the start of my career, we weren't deliberate about "community building". It just happened naturally. If you had sincere interest in fitness, a bit of curiosity about your fellow gym members and a little sales training, you could do really well for yourself. A person like me was simply called a "good networker".

Now Taylor Swift has Swifties,  Lady...

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Earn more money in 2020 by leaving your business

self care sunday Nov 10, 2019

I was 21 when I went to my first conference. It was in Las Vegas and hosted by my coach, who a few months earlier graduated me from his flagship program, Sweathogs. At graduation I was presented with an offer to register for the yearly conference put on by his organization and I jumped at the chance to attend. It was only after the event that I realized the true benefits which included:

  • Referral relationships
  • Sense of belonging
  • Friendships that have lasted a lifetime
  • Encouragement to pursue my biggest dreams
  • Gut checks when needed
  • Tactics that inspired me to take a chance and do things that seem scary

I believe 2020 is going to be a big year for many of us. And this week’s message is designed to inspire you to expand beyond your comfort zone and deliberately put yourself in an environment that is conducive to thinking bigger. Check it out and leave a comment with your favorite event!

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